A Drop Of Color

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James McAvoy - Prada Fall/Winter 2014 Men’s Advertising Campaign: Behind the Scenes (x)

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Ok, I’m ready to die *~*

This is a repost. Yanagoya is the original artist.


He looks so happy about discovering his nipples

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I want some AU where Charles, back from Oxford, visits Raven, who stayed back in the states. Only to find she is married to this guy, Erik. And it’s all very confusing for Charles cause Raven never told him about her boyfriend she then spontaniously married and why does he have the odd feeling every time he turns his back on Erik, that the man is checking him out.

Raven doesn’t seem the least bit concearned about that, when he finally breaches the subject to her. On top of it Raven and Erik, though seeming like the happy freshly married couple in public, act more like good friends when they are in private - or is this just wishful thinking on Charles part?

And where to does Erik disappear to every morning and what secrets does he have hoard on his laptop he guards so jelously and what’s with that Shaw-enterprise he hears Raven and Erik talk about one evening and why is it so hard to think straight when Erik is smiling at him while munching toast.

I’m not writing this… I’m not… damn.

Good Morning, Charles! - Part 1 (since it doesn’t even get close to the scene in the gif yet)

♠ ♠ ♠

New York Airport, to Charles it felt like a lifetime since he last set foot on American soil. Though it had only been a year from his last visit. He hadn’t meant to stay away for so long. Really he had been adamant to return for Christmas. Not that there were any cheerful Christmas family reunions planned. His family, that had dwindled down to just his mother, who lived in that huge old mansion and didn’t do cheerful and his sister, who had moved out and refused to even speak with their mother on the phone, didn’t come together to celebrate. But he and Raven had always been close and he actually had thought she would come with him to Oxford, but then didn’t and he had missed her. And he had wanted tor see her at least for the holidays.

But then he made good progress on his lab work and he felt like on the brink of a breakthrough with what he wanted to prove – and the Christmas holidays would give him the opportunity to use the lab 24/7 really without having to schedule around other people using it…

He had wanted to offer Raven to come and visit him, but as it became more and more clear that he would end up spending Christmas in the university’s labs, he thought it wasn’t fair to ask her to come when he wouldn’t be able to spend time with her.

And before he noticed the year had passed, birthdays gone by and he hadn’t been home for a year. So he was really looking forward to this visit (a two month break before he would delve back into the final stages of his dissertation) and planned to spend it as best he could to make up for lost time.

Eagerly he scanned the crowed past the glass walls that kept the waiting crowd form the area of arriving passengers. For a moment he thought he spotted a crown of blonde hair in the crowd, but wasn’t sure if it really was her. There was someone standing beside the blonde girl, a tall handsome guy, though not as tall as Hank, Raven’s on and of boyfriend.

Charles realised he didn’t even have any idea if Hank and her were currently at the on or off stage. (He should have at least tried to call her and email more often.) It would be easier to spot him in the crowd.

As he let his gaze sweep over the people waiting once more, while he followed the slow shuffling stream of passengers on their way outside, he noticed the handsome guy was looking his way.

Charles blinked and licked his lips, wondering if he was waiting for his girlfriend – or boyfriend. Charles tried not to stare, butt he had to admit the guy was nice to look at. Strong jaw, with a bit of a stubble that gave him a bit of a bad boy flair Charles liked. Thin lips but a wide mouth made him wonder how he would look smiling – oh and his hair looked perfect to grab while -

Charles felt his pale skin turn unflattering shades of red as he blushed. Guiltily he looked down.

He was here looking for his sister, not to check out random strangers!

As he looked up again he noticed the stranger was still looking in his direction, that was, directly at him and an amused smile was tugging at his lips.

Charles eyes widened, taken aback and flustered. Suddenly he felt reluctant moving forward, though he didn’t have a chance than doing just that, for someone bumped into him from behind as he stopped amidst the moving crowd.

Charles turned, apologising and at the same time hurrying forward. He nearly stumbled, struggled with his suitcase for a moment and as he looked up he found himself through the narrow doors outside in the waiting crowd, the handsome stranger lost from sight. He pushed through the throng of people, trying to find a quiet corner to wait for his sister, but then it turned out he didn’t have to.

“Charles!” He stopped and turned round at the sound of Raven’s excited voice. He saw her waving, before she rushed forward, and someone was following right behind her – Charles’ heart skipped a beat before it started hammering in his chest with renewed vigour. It was the guy that was not Hank, the handsome stranger. Charles stared in open-mouthed surprise. Next thing he knew, Raven had his arms around him, hugging him close.

“Welcome back. Oh I’ve missed you!”

“So good to see you again. “ He hugged her back, laughing and feeling tears stinging in his eyes as he realised how badly he really had missed her. “I’m sorry I missed Christmas and your birthday, but I’ll promise I’ll be there next time.”

“Oh don’t worry – it’s just good to have you back now. Though… “

Charles felt her tense suddenly in his arms and reluctantly let her go, noting the handsome stranger was standing close, watching them with curiosity. He nearly missed Raven looking guilty for a moment.

“What is it?”

“Well, Charles…there is something I probably should tell you right now. Actually I should have told you before, but it just kinda never came up…”

It didn’t sound like she was going to give him any bad news. She looked more flustered and embarrassed for that. So Charles smiled, teasingly. “What? If you mean to tell me you won’t have much time for me while I’m here cause you didn’t get any time off, it’s okay. I can take it, I mean I was the one who was buried up to his nose in studying and labwork and couldn’t make it to any of the important dates. So I’m hardly going to throw stones here.” Though he would admit he felt a little bit disappointed at the prospect.

“No. No that’s not it.” She shifted nervously, then threw the handsome stranger a sideways glance. “Okay, let’s do this properly.” She stepped back from Charles and suddenly looped her arm through one of the handsome stranger’s arms, that, Charles couldn’t help noticing, looked delicious, all wiry and defined muscles.

Then he frowned, as his brain slowly caught on to his sister’s action. He looked up at her face, both their faces.

Raven shot him a nervous and almost apologetic smile. “Erik, this is my brother, Charles. Charles meet Erik – my husband.”

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“H” for Alphabetica Exhibition
by Bobby Haiqalsyah



"So shut those lips so dirty
Come on, show me what’s right”

- REPLAY [VAMPS 2014 London live] -

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Tiger vs. Dustbuster



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Maybe I’m a bit stupid but I’m still trying to understand the meaning of this art. It’s lovely, though.

He offers him to climb on his back. ;)

Oh now I see it, hehe. Thanks. :)

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